I’m ps pirro.

I write and make art and tell stories.

I’ve been a journalist, radio host, coffeehouse owner, and gallery director. I spent a few years in corporate communications as a crisis management consultant. That was interesting.

Since January 2017, I’ve worked as a chef in a vegan cafe in the middle of flyover country.

Catch me if you can.

A few years ago I ended a 13-year relationship with my last significant other. I don’t intend to have another. Flying solo suits me. I had a few things to say about all that in my last poetry collection, The Breakup Poems.

There is also a poem in that book about convicted felon Martin Shkreli, who was probably the most hated man in America for a brief moment in time.

Easy pickings.

I’m in and out of this place, like I’ve been in and out of everywhere. Maybe someday I’ll take it seriously, this work, this life (not likely.)