Supply Side Managers

The man in the interview was trying his best to make supply-side management sound like something you would choose to do with your one precious life, while the show host wondered if students today were prepared for such complex work upon completing their four-year college degrees after six years of secondary school and six more … Continue reading Supply Side Managers

It’s Been a Minute

Things have occurred: wildfires and uprisings and super-spreader events, a few holidays, an election in the U.S. and a bit of sore-loser wilding on a steps of the capitol in response to that election. A month and change into the new year and the COVID-19 pandemic has not gone away, though there are vaccines now, … Continue reading It’s Been a Minute


The snow started falling yesterday morning. It came down in fat motes, curtains blowing sideways. Sleet at midday, popcorn against the windows. The cats slept. Drifts accrued in doorways, domes of white arose on backyard patio tables, wedding cakes for winter brides, Birds tracked in a day drained of color, crossing rabbit divots. Midway through … Continue reading Winter


Perhaps it was the leaded gasoline that did it. Gone too late in all our happy motoring, the burnt aftermath lingering in our cells, permeating our formative years, our young-country brains, so much soft mineral marking our fantasies, we believed we were super-powered, turbo-charged, we thought we could fly like dragons through the sky, but … Continue reading Lead