October links

Not that I was clinging to it with any particular vigor, but Jon Michael Greer puts a stake through the heart of my oh-so-wistful desire to experience life in an intentional community. After posting about it in July and getting feedback from friends online and off, I’m coming to understand my interest in intentional community … Continue reading October links

That Does Not Make You Brilliant; It Makes You a Sociopath

In her essay, “A Thousand Rivers,” award-winning film director Carol Black writes of Iain McGilchrist, a psychiatrist and neuroimaging researcher and author of the groundbreaking book, The Master and his Emissary.  [The book] argues that the narrowly focused, mechanical, analytic part of the brain so dominant in modern societies actually evolved as a limited tool to … Continue reading That Does Not Make You Brilliant; It Makes You a Sociopath

A Useful Skill in a Tangible Situation

“Giulietta, you don’t have enough money to eat tonight,” Glen said, bringing her down to Earth. Then he asked her a question that has since appeared in her writing again and again: “What is your useful skill in a tangible situation?” The answer was easy: she was good at making coffee and good with people. … Continue reading A Useful Skill in a Tangible Situation

The Atmosphere Doesn’t Care

How much difference would it make, really, if every coal-fired power plant in the United States were to shut down tomorrow when US coal producers are free to export their coal to China, which they are doing, and when China is building another coal-fired power plant every week? The atmosphere doesn’t care where the coal … Continue reading The Atmosphere Doesn’t Care