Living As If School Didn’t Exist

The yarn project needs two more colors. Can we go to JoAnn?

I put Sherlock on the Netflix queue. It says there’s a very long wait. What else shall we add? Do you think it’s too hot to bake? I have to write a bio for camp. Whose laundry is in the dryer? Can you get it, please?

We’re out of Swiffers.

Do we have any small canvases? The diminished chord has a flat third and flat fifth. I’ve got to go to the library.

Did you see that moth on the porch? It was huge. What kind of moth was that?

I used up all the gesso. Do you think they have any at JoAnn? Are there any stamps left? I have all this stuff to mail. Let’s get some Popsicles while we’re out. And something for dinner.

The t-shirt art is done. I’m going to send it off. Have the cats been fed? I’ll make the salad. Thanks for doing the dishes.

That was a polyphemus moth, Mom. Here’s a picture.

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