Flood Stage

All day long it’s been raining. The river is crazy high. On the drive home we saw news vans, three of them, parked at a particularly scenic point, their camera crews pointing lenses at the swollen Ohio.

There will be floods. Every year there are floods.

Flooding in this area is particularly troubling because of the city’s aging and non-EPA-compliant sewer system. The city was sued by the EPA into taking long-postponed action to remedy the situation, with the financial burden falling on current residents and small businesses to atone for the sins of previous generations. It’s not like they didn’t know they were dumping raw sewage directly into the river — a river that is the source of drinking water for some three million people. They knew. They just chose to do nothing about it.

Until they were forced to.

It’s such a very human response.

But tell me more, please, about how those government regulations are the real problem.


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