You Have to Be Carefully Taught

Apropos of “enhanced pat downs” and “full body scans” and all the rest of it we’ve been hearing about as the holiday travel season approaches, this is a passage from 101 Reasons Why I’m An Unschooler.

School students have no inherent right to privacy.  Anything in a student’s possession, on their person, or in their school locker, is subject to search by a member of the school staff.

Students can be forced to empty the contents of their purses, pockets and backpacks when told to do so by a staff member…. When taken to court, at least one school has argued that strip-searching students is their right. (…)

It’s difficult to see how a person might learn what it means to be free of involuntary search and seizure when they have been schooled for thirteen years in turning out their pockets at the whim of the state.

Just sayin’.

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