There is No Path

I know nothing about Ethan Hawke, other than the fact that he’s been in some movies. I couldn’t tell you which ones without resorting to Google.

I don’t know if he’s a good guy or if I’d like his movies.

I liked this, though.

As you get close to what you love, who you are is revealed to you, and it expands.

Ethan Hawke

“There is no path until you walk it.”

4 thoughts on “There is No Path

  1. P.S., I am so glad you’ve been blogging again lately. Your writing is so rich and textured. I always feel deep connection with what you have to say.

    T. and I are living in the Ville again, by the way, so cue musings on what is home and can one go home again and the like. I hope you and I cross paths soon.

  2. Also, I will watch this video later … the whole path thing has been on my mind for years. Guess it’s on my path to ponder paths ….

  3. You made it back! I would very much like to buy you guys a coffee (or a beer) and hear all about it. I hope we can make that happen.

  4. Yes, we made it back. Meeting for a coffee or a beer (outdoors, because surge, because delta, because stupid humans :D) sounds great.

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