Barn Music

I was out at my friend Jubilee’s last Friday, sitting in her big barn, listening to three women make music on the stage. One on fiddle (a three-time Wisconsin state champion), one on doghouse bass, one on guitar.

Melissa Carper and Rebecca Patek perform and record as Buffalo Gals. Brennan Leigh is a old-timey compatriot.

The day had reached a high temperature of 100 degrees, but by the time we gathered for the show things had cooled down to the mid-80s and there was a sweet breeze blowing through the barn.

A few years ago I went to a workshop at the Ferdinand Folk Festival, offered by the bass player, Melissa, and her then-band, the Carper Family. I was hoping to learn to sing better harmony. And I did. I’m better. But I’m still not good.

These women are good. Here’s one more, with Melissa and Brennan, joined by Jeff Taylor on piano.

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