Supply Side Managers

The man in the interview was trying his best to make 
supply-side management sound like something 
you would choose to do with your one precious life,

while the show host wondered if students today 
were prepared for such complex work upon completing
their four-year college degrees after six years of 

secondary school and six more of primary school 
and two of pre-k, eighteen classroom years and still 
they ask if the students are ready, if there is not

more to be done to assure a steady supply of 
supply-side managers, and I thought of Derrick Jensen, 
explaining how long it takes to break the will of a child, 

when twelve years of compulsory schooling is insufficient, 
four more in service to the gatekeepers may do the trick, 
"for the exceedingly obstinate there is graduate school," 

after which they are prepared for almost nothing beyond 
the tower and a continued allegiance to the beloved institution, 
alas, it overflows with adjuncts now, devaluing everything,

though perhaps with their multiple doctorates they might 
one day land a plum job at Google, entangling algorithms 
into AI that will make us all obsolete. 

One can only hope.

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