Are we cooking a little more than usual these days? This morning as I scribbled in my journal, instead of asking myself that perennial question I can never seem to answer once and for all (“What do you want to do with your one precious life?”) I asked something a little less anxiety provoking: what would feel good right now? And what a surprise when what came to mind was a sunlit kitchen with a big work table piled with vegetables and a six-burner gas range that could accommodate full-size sheet pans.

The whole thing felt so idyllic that it occurred to me I’ve finally — perhaps? — recovered from kitchen burnout.

Truth: I had a catering job lined up for May and when it got cancelled I was actually sad.

My own kitchen, while nicely sunlit, is too small for a work table — we make do with a few square feet of countertop and a rolling cart — and the six-burner range would need its own addition, but we’ve been eating well even when we’re eating ramen. Which is a nice thing to eat when you’re following stay-at-home orders, in part because it’s broth and noodles and that means comfort, and also because it’s a big mixed bowl of all the wonderful things, so you have to pay attention to it as you eat it.

We take our mindfulness where we can. What are you paying attention to right now?


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