I’m too old to feel this way.

Or maybe this is the way it feels, no matter what your age.


2 thoughts on “Waiting

  1. Hold Your Head Up High: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j8yNMTcWA5k

    How it rambles round the moon, a let-go-of balloon
    Nothing is forever, everything is soon
    And my father as he stands, a perfect cartoon man
    Heavy-sighed and open-eyed, I heard him speak:
    “Hold your head up high”

    Rise it up, it’s fine to rain, a time will come again
    And misery’s no rest for weary gentlemen
    See the human kind is you, like all the rest, down to
    The scratches on the album that you’re singing to
    Hold your head up high

    Through the light and through the shadow,
    I won’t wait it out, wait it out
    Hold your head up high

    Biting clovers in the lawn, a solitary fawn
    Underground the new life thunders up and on

    “This song was co-written with our friend Caitlin Canty, and took six years to complete,” the band’s Dave Senft says. “Some of the early drafts were written the day after Robin Williams’ death, and so for me the song will always conjure that particular loss, but in the context of this album and what all of us are thinking about today, I’ve come to think of it as less about loss and more about struggle against inequality and injustice. My hope is that the song is as flexible for our listeners as it has been for me.”

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