This is My Radio Voice

I hung out on the radio for a bit last month with my buddy and local npr-affiliate show host John Gibson, talking about Beautiful Terrible World and reading a couple poems from it. You’ll find me in the last 10 or 12 minutes of the hour.

The big celeb of the show that day was author Brian Kimberling, whose book Snapper was just released in paperback. He gets more time than I do, which is only right. He’s a nice person, and his book is much longer than mine.

Fwiw, Beautiful Terrible World is now available in print and ebook.

2 thoughts on “This is My Radio Voice

  1. Aww — Dave is blushing to think he might have had some role in inspiring your astonishing work. Nice to hear your voice again (last time was Jerry’s unschooling podcast)! ^_^

    1. Someday we will share a meal face to face, Dave, and I will tell you about the time you linked to my blog for the first time and how thrilled I was over it. Well, now I’ve told you. But someday, the meal. Thanks for your support & kind words.

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