From My Feed

Two items from my feed this morning, appearing back-to-back.

From Dave Pollard, at How to Save the World:

“They know that the best way for them to learn
is by making their own choices, trial and error,
not by being told or coerced or even shown what to do.
That includes learning how to relate to you.”

From Sandra Dodd, at Just Add Light & Stir:

They don’t live to grow up. They’re living in the present. They don’t relate to questions about what they will do later or be when they’re grown. They’re doing and being now.

~ ~ ~

At the poetry reading last night I sat with two professional educators, both employed by a local university. We were talking about poetry, and the communication of emotional content. The word “pedagogy” came up. I was asked my thoughts on education. It was late. I was tired, and we all had to go to work the next day. “That’s another conversation,” I said.

Really, I just wanted to enjoy the last of my glass of wine in the afterglow of poetic space. Not every opportunity to speak my mind requires me to speak my mind.