My Favorite Morning Poem of the Week

There is nothing so mundane as dreaming of toilets
(and waking with the need to pee) but oh! what toilets I’ve seen in dreams!

There was one that sat on a bier like a throne and another upholstered in floral brocade, one that was clearly unconnected to anything resembling plumbing,

and one where kittens popped out from under the seat, and one that looked like
a beauty shop chair in a room full of actual beauty shop chairs, all such a mess,

broken and split with their foam guts exposed, and that last one, tucked behind a gauze curtain on one side, exposed to the big wide world on the other.

I’ve heard it said that dreams are journeys into another world ‘
and I’m here to testify: They’ve got some crazy toilets over there.

One thought on “My Favorite Morning Poem of the Week

  1. pay toilets in seventeen trips to europe and the mediterranean, i have seen most varieties of toilets. i usually opt for the mcdonalds if possible, i always buy something to drink to pay for it.

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