The fleas are tenacious this year. The youngest cat in the household has an allergy to flea bites and he has been miserable with them, but no one’s having an easy time of it. Standard treatments become ineffective as generation after generation of ever-hardier bugs develop resistance to drops, collars, and oral treatments. We’re all … Continue reading Bugs

Douglas Rushkoff

In America, people are willing to sacrifice their well-being, social cohesion, stability and sustainability for the false notion of individual freedom.  But the truth is, there is no individual.  There’s no such thing.  It’s an utter fiction.  It was created in order to promote more consumption.  The more people spend time with one another, the … Continue reading Douglas Rushkoff


“To know the pleasures of an unspectacular landscape, such as that of Indiana, requires an uncommon degree of attentiveness and insight.” ~Scott Russell Sanders, “Landscape & Imagination” There’s something to be said for learning to value the less-than-spectacular: that which is merely here, in front of us, right now.