Supply Side Managers

The man in the interview was trying his best to make supply-side management sound like something you would choose to do with your one precious life, while the show host wondered if students today were prepared for such complex work upon completing their four-year college degrees after six years of secondary school and six more … Continue reading Supply Side Managers

All Harness, No Horse

A little over year ago I wrote about the pressure we were facing in the early days of the pandemic (though we didn’t yet know those were the early days) to get back to normal, That pressure continues, especially in the food service industry, where workers are expected to slip back into the harness as … Continue reading All Harness, No Horse

A Cause for Hope?

Remember when we learned that George W. Bush liked to paint? That was a moment. I loathed his silver-spoon presidency, his frat-boy insouciance, his wars of cruelty and cultural annihilation from which the world has yet to recover. But I felt a little softer toward him as a human person when I saw those canvases. … Continue reading A Cause for Hope?

It’s Been a Minute

Things have occurred: wildfires and uprisings and super-spreader events, a few holidays, an election in the U.S. and a bit of sore-loser wilding on a steps of the capitol in response to that election. A month and change into the new year and the COVID-19 pandemic has not gone away, though there are vaccines now, … Continue reading It’s Been a Minute

The Subversive Call of Ordinary Life

In “How to Stay Calm During the Pandemic,” Harvard Kennedy School professor Arthur Brooks parses the difference between risk and uncertainty, between disappointment and regret, and what happens to us when we confuse, in each case, the one for the other. I appreciate the analysis. I’ve seen — we all have — what happens to … Continue reading The Subversive Call of Ordinary Life

“You Should Do Carry-Out”

All day long I’ve been dreading the governor’s press conference, dreading the announcement that’s due any day regarding the lifting of the stay-at-home order that has shuttered my place of employment since mid-March. I’m dreading the announcement because it will force a reckoning I’d rather postpone for a little while longer: that the work I’ve … Continue reading “You Should Do Carry-Out”