This is what’s going on with me now:

I’m downtown in the kitchen of my vegan lunch café four days a week.

I’m fixing up my wreck of a house. It was built in 1860. The oldest parts of the house are fine. The mid-20th century add-ons are falling apart.

I’m writing, mostly in notebooks. Morning pages, soup notes, a commonplace book, the notebook next to my computer, the notebook on my art table.

I’m listening to Sarah Shook & the Disarmers.

My music partner and I are recording a demo.

I have two novellas in progress. One is nearly finished. The other isn’t.

I’m reading novels. The last one I finished was Kate Atkinson’s Life After Life. I’m halfway through Jonathan Franzen’s Freedom. Before that I read The Heretic’s Daughter. Didn’t finish that one.

Updated 1/7/2018