This is what’s going on with me now:

Seasonal cleaning 1.0: two entire racks plus three cardboard boxes full of an old housemate’s old CDs, out the door, gone, halleluia.  Rediscovered in the process: Adrian Legg’s Guitars & Other Cathedrals.

Seasonal cleaning 2.0: in the back of a little-used kitchen drawer, a once-full, now empty, bag of Hall’s cough drops. Little mounds of shredded wrapper (plus other evidence) suggest a wee small member of the rodentia family (no relation) is seriously into eucalyptus-flavored lozenges. I mean, seriously.

Listening to: Adrian Legg. See above.

Novella #1 moves a little farther from the beginning, still no closer to the end.

Reading Used & Rare: Travels in the Book World by Lawrence and Nancy Goldstone. Which may explain why I now I want a bookshop.

Updated 2/11/2018