“Rather than thinking endlessly about what might work and trying this and trying that, in a kind of trial-and-error method, perhaps we should try looking into the depths. If we do, I suggest that we will find not what we as individuals think; rather, we will come face-to-face with what the other suffering beings need, and we will uncover what the natural world itself knows is wanted and required for life on this planet to continue. But the ego must be dethroned, its arrogance must be dismantled, and we must begin, before it is too late, to listen to the ensuing silence.”

~ Reginald Ray, Touching Enlightenment

The 100th Monkey is an apocryphal tale, but never mind. We still hold out hope that we will reach that cosmic critical mass, the point at which the scales will tip at last in favor of life. But who, I have to wonder, will dethrone the cosmic ego? Who can dismantle the universal arrogance? While we are listening to the ensuing silence, there are malevolent beings among us who would drain the last drop of rain from the skies in order to sell it to us or let us die of thirst.

I value my meditation practice. But I hold no illusions about its capacity to save the world. By all means, let us listen to the ensuing silence. But let us also try this and try that. We need every tool in the box. Here’s a hammer. Here’s a pencil. Here’s a brick. Here’s a song.