Angels Dancing

I get an unseemly amount of pleasure from the news that the stock market has lost value. Down more than 1100 points today, the single largest point drop in the history of the Dow, says CNN. Which I only know because I just now looked it up.

This smile. It’s schadenfreude, I know. I can’t help it.

I’m thinking just deserts. Payback. Karma. Something: the stock market is a perverse barometer. It typically rises, for instance, on news of increased unemployment. It’s obscene.

So, yeah.

Have you ever wondered — while I’m on the subject — why we have daily stock market reports, but not a daily wage report? Where is the S&P 500 for workers in various fields, health care and education and food service and hospitality and auto manufacturing? Why do we not learn how wage earners are faring in their respective industries the way we learn how investors are doing on any given day?

If there is indeed an “invisible hand” at work in the marketplace — as my professors used to claim, maybe yours, too — why o why does it always wear the signet ring of the investor class?

Kind of a dead giveaway there, I’d say. And not so invisible, after all.

Stocks are falling. It’s the talk of the day.

cf. rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. Also, angels dancing on the heads of pins.