All or Nothing

Few things are all-or-nothing. Your life — your job, your town, your relationships, your encounters with people and other living things — may be 20% awful and 80% not-awful. Your sense of purpose maybe be driven 40% by rage and 60% by joy. Knowing there’s a little fury mixed in with the desire to do good adds to your effectiveness. Knowing that the awful doesn’t overwhelm the not-awful makes it worthwhile to get out of bed and have your unique experience of the world.

If you feel things are askew — too much awful, too much rage on the one hand, too much sunny-side, “it’s-all-good” on the other — remembering that you aren’t all-or-nothing — that the world isn’t all-or-nothing — can help you re-calibrate.

We’re fueled by the awful and by the not-awful. Find your best ratio and carry on.