From Elsewhere

I live in a small town down the road from a small city of no particular import or renown. In that respect it’s like hundreds of other nondescript locales found in the in-betweens, places that, were they to be known at all, would be known for their proximity to other places. How far to Memphis? How far to Chicago?

Nobody from elsewhere yearns to live here, though sometimes those who once lived here feel a yearning to return. Those are two different yearnings, I know. The one is the draw of fantasy and illusion, the other is the draw of nostalgia and reunion.

There’s is another sort of yearning, though, a sort of hybrid of the two, I suppose: the desire for a home you’ve yet to find. I live with that desire. In this small town, down the road from that small city, where nobody from elsewhere yearns to be.


3 thoughts on “From Elsewhere

  1. I yearn to return to your small town down the road. I think it’s in part because I feel more rapport with friends in that town than I do with anyone anywhere else. Plus I’m traumatically bonded with the town AND with someone who lives there :).

    1. I would like you to return. Maybe my cafe can move into its own space, and we can add a little organic grocery, and your DH can be the manager, and somehow we’ll all afford health insurance, and you can be among friends.

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