It felt weird not to write a post today, so here’s a little leftover thought from my month-long daily blog challenge: doing the thing — whatever that thing may be — is the most important part.

Really, it’s the only part that matters. Unless it’s having done the thing. That’s nice, too.

But doing the thing. Yes. Because you never know what you’ll discover. About yourself. About the reasons behind the reasons.

Here’s something I discovered: that this month of daily posts was less about my café than about me committing to a daily writing practice. I suppose I had to go at it sideways because I’m reluctant and hesitant and forever second-guessing.

You too? Imagine that.

As the days and weeks went by, I could see my commitment laid out on the little calendar grid on my stats page, where each time I post, a block is filled in. I now have a whole month of little filled-in blocks. The evidence of having done the thing. I look at that grid of blocks and don’t want to break the chain.

We take our motivation where we can. And this is how things get done. Apparently.

So what about you? What thing do you want to do? Maybe you can start now. It’s a whole new year, right? A whole new page. What would happen if we all made a commitment? What would happen if we all just… started?