The One in Which Pam Describes Unschooling

From Sandra Dodd’s daily blog, Just Add Light & Stir, I found this to be a useful description of unschooling from Pam Sorooshian, college instructor and mother of three grown unschoolers:

“Unschooling is dropping the conventions of schooling, eliminating such things as required subjects, reading and writing assignments, and tests, and entirely replacing those with the creation of a stimulating, enriched environment and lots and lots of parental support for kids in pursuing their interests and passions.

“LOTS of parents create stimulating environments and give lots of support for their kids’ interests; this is not unique to unschoolers. What makes it unschooling is that unschoolers give up the rest of the schooling and trust that their kids will learn what they need to learn by being immersed in the rich and stimulating environment and with parental support of kids’ interests.”