Book Bias

I love books.  I love to read them and write them and make them.

I also love this post from Sandra Dodd, from her daily blog, Just Add Light & Stir, entitled Crippled by Books.  Here’s a snip:

If Abraham Lincoln had had full-color DVDs of the sights of other countries, of people speaking in their native accents and languages, and of history, he would have shoved those books aside and watched those videos.

Sometimes we privilege the familiar just because it’s familiar.  It’s good to re-examine our biases from time to time, and release the ones that don’t hold up.

Read Sandra’s whole (brief) post here.


One thought on “Book Bias

  1. Go back to the naurtal parenting carnival on Hobo Mama for September (the 14th), and scroll thru the contributers…there were a few homeschooling blogs that had links on their sidebars, descriptions of projects, and resources that would be a quick click….I don’t read homeschooling blogs per se, but there were some good websites when i read thru the contributions that month. You rock. You’ll figure it out: and for what it’s worth, September is always a chaotic heydey of adjusting in public school, too.=)Give yourself time! xoxoMelissa´s last [type] ..[]Melodie Reply:September 28th, 2010 at 2:04 pmGood suggestion. I did pop over there but I got overwhelmed really fast. I will have to try again.[]

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