An Unschooler’s Thank-You Note

(It’s a woefully incomplete list.  If you’re reading this, consider yourself on it.)

…to all my years of schooling, for showing me what not to do.

…to my homeschool co-op, for teaching me that getting the kids out of the school was not enough; I had to get the school out of me.

…to John, and John, and Grace, for putting wisdom into books so I could find them and learn.

…to Wendy, and Sandra, and Ronnie, and Joyce, and so many others, for putting wisdom online so I could find it and learn.

…to Kelly, for Live & Learn (and Bananagrams and general overall awesomeness).

…to Ren & Laura, for ARGH & ETUSC (and general overall awesomeness.)

…to all the amazing bloggers who write with such love and passion.  Tara and Heather and Jeff (who says he’s retired, but we’ll see) and Idzie and so many others.

…to Dayna and Christine & Phil, who present unschooling to the (unsuspecting) public and make us all look brilliant (or crazy, take your pick.)

…to all of the amazing unschoolers I have met at conferences and gatherings and camp and online.  You have rocked my world.

…to all the amazing unschoolers I haven’t yet met, who are trusting their kids and trusting themselves and turning a tired schooling paradigm — and parenting paradigm — on its head.  You, too, have rocked my world.

…to my ex-husband, who could have been awful about this unschooling thing, but wasn’t.

…to my partner, who loves and trusts and supports and believes.

…to my daughter, who has been my best teacher.

I am forever in your debt, and grateful, grateful, grateful.


One thought on “An Unschooler’s Thank-You Note

  1. Just my nraute, but I like any label with “radical” in the term I think you just have to feel up your audience (did I just say that?!). I use the term “unschooler” in most day-to-day conversations, and that usually works just fine…but if I then have to hear about bedtimes and food control and TV and “we unschool except that I require them to read for an hour a day, and do a page of math”, then I separate myself from what *they* obviously think unschooling is by throwing in the R word []

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